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 Knowledge: Your Best Defense
            in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

BioScan's management team has reviewed the following books, and we are pleased to be able to recommend them. These books are for parents, children employers and supervisors. At BioScan, we believe that knowledge at every level is the best defense in the fight against drug abuse.

Teen Substance Abuse Spans All Social Groups

Creating a Family Policy Against Drugs

By William F. Current and
E. Howard Taylor, Ph.D.

Price $17.95 each
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Who is Using Drugs?
Which Drugs Are Kids Using?
Where Do Kids Get Drugs?
What Are Kid's Attitudes About Drugs?
Can Parents Make a Difference?
Where Do You Start?
What Do We Talk About?
Why Do Kids Use Drugs?
How Do Drugs Affect Your Family?

Teen drinking, smoking and drug use is prevalent among all kinds of kids, regardless of their social circumstances. Virtually every child in the United States has been or will be exposed to drugs by the time he or she graduates from elementary school. The purpose of this book is to help parents and children create a united front against substance abuse of any kind. Given the world in which our children are growing up, substance abuse prevention must be a priority of every parent.

Rapid Answers to Your Drug Screening Questions

By William F. Current

Price: $9.95 each
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  Why do employers drug screen?
  When do employers drug screen?
  Is it legal?
  Is it accurate?
  Is it accurate?
  How is it done?
  How many employers have drug screening programs?
  How many employers have drug screening programs?
  Do employees support drug screening?
  What drugs should employers test for?
  What are the most commonly abused drugs?
  Does drug use really affect job performance?
  How do you spot drug abuse in your company?
  What if an employee tests positive?
  What do you need to know about the chain of custody procedure?

Would you like to know more about drug screening in the workplace and either don't have the time or don't know where to begin to look for the answers. Are you an employer who just has not made up your mind about drug testing? Or are you looking for a way of training your supervisors in their drug-free work place responsibilities? This 52-page book was written for employers who would like to have all the answers in one, easy to use source.

About the Authors

William F. Current - Founder and President of a national firm that specializes in drug-free workplace issues and the author of more than 6 books on substance abuse prevention. Mr. Current was the first Director of the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace and served as Executive Director for the American Council for Drug Education and the American Drug-Free Workplace Network.

E. Howard Taylor, PH.D. - A board-certified forensic toxicologist with 17 years experience in drugs of abuse testing. He is also the author and coauthor of more than 50 published articles (31 in peer review journals), 13 book chapters, and one other book, Clinical Chemistry. He serves as the President of a national consulting firm that specializes in drugs of abuse screening in the workplace. Dr. Taylor is also an inspector for SAMHSA under the national laboratory certification program.

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