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Intect 7 is a convenient, easy-to-use dipstick device that identifies analytes commonly associated with attempts to interfere with the accuracy of a drug screen. Intect 7 test strips detect levels of creatinine, nitrite, glutaraldehyde, pH, specific gravity, bleach, and pyridinium chlorochromate. Screening for creatinine, pH and specific gravity aids in the detection of common attempts to defeat urine drug screens such as dilution or adulteration of the specimen. Screening for nitrite, glutaraldehyde and bleach reveal attempts to foil drug screens by interfering with the reagents or result interpretation components of the drug screening device. The presence of pyridinium chlorochromate in the urine is indicative of adulteration since it is not a normal constituent of urine. A positive result reading may also indicate the presence of other oxidative adulterants. Once a urine specimen is collected from the donor, the drug screen administrator simply dips the Intect 7 reagent strip into the specimen. For legal and forensic purposes it is not recommended that Intect 7 be dipped into the primary collection container or screening unit. After several seconds, the dipstick is removed from the specimen and held in a horizontal position with the pad up. The drug screen administrator is then able to easily interpret the results by comparing the color of the reagent strip to corresponding blocks on the color coded chart that appears on the label of the Intect container. Once the visual comparison and interpretation of results is complete, the stick can be discarded. If necessary, Intect 7 allows the drug screen administrator to request another specimen immediately while donor is at the site of collection.

Intect 7 Detects:
  Excessive Fluid Consumption
  Instant Clean
  Eyewash Products
  Sodium Bicarbonate
  Drain Cleaners
  Soft Drinks (and other urine look-alikes)
  Hydrogen Peroxide
  Many Other Common Foiling Methods

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